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    Audionic Blue Beats B-770 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband, Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Price: R 415.00

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    Audionic Blue Beats B-770 Bluetooth Wireless Neckband , Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Product Overview

    New and modern design has enabled this Blue Beats wireless Neckband to be a stellar choice for calling and entertainment usage.

    Wireless Convenience
    Keep the great sound and lose the cords! Wirelessly connect to your compatible mobile phone, and let Audionic Blue Beats Wireless Ear buds neckband bring you complete hands free freedom. Take it on a walk, or let every trip be accompanied by your favorite music. The setup is easy and once it's set up.

    Powerful Sound
    The Audionic Blue Beats Neckband brings you wireless convenience and it is design without compromising audio quality. Offering clear and powerful stereo sound, the Audionic Blue Beats neckband  will do your music selection justice. The phone is your remote control, allowing you to change tracks and adjust the volume. And you don't have to worry about being out of touch. When the phone rings, the music mutes and you can take or reject the call.

    Audionic Blue Beats is compatible with all major mobile phones, android systems etc.
    Wireless Ear buds neckband
    Enhanced Audio and Bass Response
    Microphone Mute
    Vibrating Call Alert
    Audible Pairing Assistance
    Audible Battery Status Alert
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