About us

Q Flexi is an IT and Telecoms service provider , the company is based on a solution providers' concept in terms of ensuring that we offer up to date solutions which are expandable and flexible to the corporate and industrial market and making it accessible to every individual.

The Q flexi online Shop is a new wing of Q flexi Technology specializing in the retail and wholesale of the latest, never-seen-before, electronic, intelligent, highly-advanced technological gadgets, equipment ,electronics, appliances and super-toys. Living in the technology age, Q flexi online Shop’s main aim is to deliver products and services that appeals to all gadget lovers and technology driven enthusiasts.

We offer an extensive, carefully selected choice of gadgets & innovations, technical, safety & security, laptops, smartphones , smart phone accessories , Electronics , Household appliances , computer accessories, gifts and corporate & promotional products that will satisfy the need of any technologically driven individual.

We constantly strive to bring you, our valued customer, the best, and most unique, quality assured products the world has on offer. We have a specialized team of buyers and between them they source the most extraordinary and inspirational gifts and gizmos before anyone else can lay their hands on them.

Founded on amazing inspiration, fed on passion and grown with determination, The Q Flexi Onlineshop is destined to take its place among the retail giants...

Q Flexi Services

• IT Infrastructure Management
• Server Maintenance and Support
• Outsourced IT technicians and CTO's
• Remote Monitoring and Support
• Cabling (networking)
• Back-up Optimization
• Desktop Maintenance and Support
• ISP (Internet Service Provider) ADSL , LTE , FIBRE and Vsat Satellite
• Rental of IT Equipment (PABX, Photocopiers, PC’s, Laptops, Projectors, etc)
• We offer IT business solutions by consulting with clients offering advice on the latest
• Business Intelligence & Reporting
• Photocopiers (Sales, Rentals, Maintenance, Consumables)
• Bulk SMS
• Stationery
• Wireless Alarms System
• Branding (Graphic Design, Email Branding, Web Development, Webhosting, Domain Registration)
• SaaS (Cloud Computing, Mimecast Email Continuity, Online Backup, Hosted PBX)
• Training
• Set up Computer Labs & Internet Cafés

You can visit www.qflexi.co.za for information about out services or contact us on info@qflexi.co.za.



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